Current Affairs Quiz: February 13, 2018

Current Affairs 13 February 2018 Quiz

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  1. The World Government Summit is being held in which among the following cities?
    A) Riyadh
    B) New Delhi
    C) Dubai
    D) Jerusalem
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  2. The National Productivity Week is observed annually between __________
    A) February 10-16
    B) February 12-18
    C) February 14-20
    D) February 8-14
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  3. According to government data, an amount of Rs ______ crores has been saved by the Central Government through Aadhaar- enabled direct benefit transfer of about 400 government schemes.
    A) ₹ 56,000 Crore
    B) ₹ 50,000 Crore
    C) ₹ 62,000 Crore
    D) ₹ 49,000 Crore
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  4. ONGC Videsh Ltd and its partners has entered into $_______ million deal to acquire 10 percent stake in a large offshore oilfield in Abu Dhabi
    A) $400 million
    B) $700 million
    C) $500 million
    D) $600 million
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  5. The World’s first driverless transport pod has been unveiled in which country?
    A) Dubai, UAE
    B) Beijing, China
    C) New York, United States
    D) Melbourne, Australia
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  6. Qazi Wajid who died recently was a veteran actor of which country?
    A) India
    B) Pakistan
    C) Turkey
    D) Indonesia
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  7. The state government of Rajasthan has announced a one time loan waiver of how much amount for small and marginal farmers in the state?
    A) Rs. 20,000
    B) Rs. 40,000
    C) Rs. 50,000
    D) Rs. 60,000
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  8. Who has won the 13th edition of the National ‘A’ Chess Championship for Blind?
    A) Aryan Joshi
    B) Soundarya Kumar Pradhan
    C) Kishan Gangolli
    D) Ashvin Makwana
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  9. Which Indian city has been featured in the New World Wealth’s list of top 15 wealthiest cities globally?
    A) Hyderabad
    B) Begaluru
    C) New Delhi
    D) Mumbai
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  10. Acclaimed award winning musician Johann Johannsson passed away recently. He hailed from which country?
    A) Germany
    B) Iceland
    C) United Kingdom
    D) Spain
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  11. The World’s tallest 75 storied hotel named Gevora Hotel  has been unveiled in which city recently?
    A) Dubai
    B) Chicago
    C) Beijing
    D) Singapore
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  12. Who among the following filmmakers has been selected to be conferred with the inaugural ‘Raj Kapoor Award for Excellence in Cinema’?
    A) S. S. Rajamouli
    B) Kabir Khan
    C) Shyam Benegal
    D) Ramesh Sippy
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  13. Which among the following firms has received the non-banking financial company (NBFC) licence by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to disburse loan for skill development?
    A) AMW Finance Limited
    B) Eduvanz Financing Private Limited
    C) Agriuniver Invatrade Pvt Ltd
    D) Alpari Forex (India) Pvt. Ltd
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  14. What is the theme of the 2018 National Productivity Week?
    A) Industry 4.0 Leapfrog Opportunity for India
    B) From Waste to Profits-through Reduce, Recycle and Reuse
    C) Ease of Doing Business for Higher Productivity and Sustainable Growth
    D) Make in India – “Zero Defect, Zero Effect”
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  15. Parbati Ghosh who passed away recently was a veteran __________
    A) Singer
    B) Classical Dancer
    C) Actress
    D) Author
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  16. According to a recent official data, the net direct tax collections during April-December this fiscal rose by 19.3 percent to Rs _______
    A) ₹6.95 trillion
    B) ₹5.75 trillion
    C) ₹7.85 trillion
    D) ₹4.65 trillion
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Static GK Based on Current Affairs

  1. The first World Government Summit was held in which year?
    A) 2017
    B) 2009
    C) 2000
    D) 2013
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  2. The headquarter of Eduvanz Financing Private Limited is in which state?
    A) Haryana
    B) Karnataka
    C) Maharashtra
    D) Kerala
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  3. The 13th edition of the National ‘A’ Chess Championship for the Blind took place in which city?
    A) Mumbai
    B) New Delhi
    C) Ranchi
    D) Bhopal
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  4. The National Productivity Council is an autonomous body established in which year?
    A) 1949
    B) 1958
    C) 1961
    D) 1976
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