GA Questions Asked in LIC HFL Assistant Manager Exam 2017

General Awareness Questions Asked in LIC HFL Assistant Manager Exam 2017. The exam held on October 10, 2017. We are sharing some of the questions asked in the exam.

  1. A form of crowdsourcing and of alternative finance? Crowd Funding
  2. Headquarter of IRDAI? Hyderabad
  3. Sri Lankamalleswara Wildlife Sanctuary? Andhra Pradesh
  4. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) established on? 1 Oct 2016
  5. The situation in which the same risk is insured by two overlapping but independent insurance policies? Double Insurance
  6. October 5? World Teachers Day
  7. In PMKVY, ‘K’ stands for? Kaushal
  8. In PFMS, ‘F’ stands for? Financial
  9. The person selected by the policyholder to receive the benefit in case of death of the life insured thus giving a valid discharge to the insurer on settlement of a claim under a life insurance policy? Nominee
  10. Commerical paper related to? money market
  11. Derivative market? financial market and exchange traded derivative 
  12. Promissory notes defined under? Negotiable Instrument Act 1881
  13. The early termination of an insurance product by the policyholder? Surrender
  14. Life coverage during the term of the policy and the maturity benefits are paid in instalments by way of survival
    benefits in every 5 years? Money Back Policy
  15. Adam’s Bridge Marine National Park? Sri Lanka
  16. Minneriya National Park? Sri Lanka
  17. Nagura Metro Country tech.? China
  18. Capital of Oslo? Norway
  19. “Unstoppable: My Life So Far” book written by? Maria Sharapova
  20. Mahanama Express? Varanasi to Vadodara
  21. India’s first electric bus? Himachal Pradesh
  22. Narendra Singh Tomar constituency? Gwalior
  23. Olympics 2024 Venue? Paris
  24. FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Venue? France
  25. EMS Corporation Stadium? Kerala
  26. 2017 Von Hippel Award? CNR Rao
  27. 12th East Asia Summit Venue? Philippines
  28. Lovepreet Singh related to? Wrestling
  29. Korean Open 2017? PV Sindhu
  30. The name of Newton Movie Director? Amit V Masurkar
  31. 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Venue? France
  32. Capital of Myanmar? Naypyidaw
  33. UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award? Zannah Mustapha
  34. CAG Director General? Rajiv Maharshi
  35. The name of Newton Movie Director? Amit V Masurkar
  36. 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Venue? France
  37. Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated? Deendayal Urja Bhavan

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