GA Revision for IBPS Clerk and RBI Exams — Set 70

GA Revision Questions for upcoming IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Main 2017, IBPS PO Main 2017, OICL AO Main 2017, RBI Assistant Main 2017 and other upcoming exams.

  1. Ojapali is a traditional folk dance from which region of India?
    A) Andhra Pradesh
    B) Odisha
    C) Assam
    D) West Bengal
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  2. Which of the following is not true about Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)?
    A) IMPS offers an instant, 24X7, interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones.
    B) The facility is provided by National Payments Corporation of India through its existing NFS switch.
    C) Internet Banking Account facilitates IMPS to transfer money to any account.
    D) To use IMPS, both the account holder and beneficiary needs to have Mobile Money Identifier (MMID).
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  3. Name the bank whose broking arm has become first ever to get the membership of National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)
    A) Yes Bank
    B) Axis Bank
    C) ICICI Bank
    D) HDFC Bank
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  4. The Indira Sagar Dam is situated in which state?
    A) Madhya Pradesh
    B) Haryana
    C) Himachal Pradesh
    D) Rajasthan
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  5. Which of the following banks launched India’s first automated teller machine (ATM) known as Talking ATM which can be operated independently by a visually impaired person?
    A) State Bank of India
    B) Union Bank of India
    C) Bank of Baroda
    D) Bank of India
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  6. The 26th New Delhi World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan is based on the theme of____
    A) Towards 100 years of Indian Cinema
    B) Suryodaya: Emerging voices from North East India
    C) Environment and Climate Change
    D) Indigenous Voices: Mapping India’s Folk & Tribal Literature
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  7. The Eastern India’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) stations have been inaugurated in which state?
    A) Bihar
    B) Jharkhand
    C) West Bengal
    D) Odisha
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  8. SEBI is authorized to punish a company for the violation of which of the following Acts?
    A) Negotiable Instruments Act
    B) Banking Regulation Act
    C) RBI Act
    D) All of the Above
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  9. The Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park is located in which state of India?
    A) Manipur
    B) Tamil Nadu
    C) Telangana
    D) Arunachal Pradesh
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  10. The finals of the Ranji Trophy 2017-18 season was held in which stadium?
    A) Holkar Stadium, Indore
    B) Ekana International Stadium, Lucknow
    C) MCA Cricket Stadium, Pune
    D) Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket StadiumHyderabad
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  11. Name the bank responsible to maintain the Principal Accounts of Central as well as State Governments at its Central Accounts Section
    A) RBI
    B) SBI
    C) EXIM
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  12. Who has been conferred with the prestigious National Design Award 2017 by the National Design Research Forum (NDRF)?
    A) Srini R Srinivasan
    B) Priya Paul
    C) G. Satheesh Reddy
    D) Jeevak Badve
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  13. Ashgabat is the capital of which country?
    A) Turkmenistan
    B) Zambia
    C) Ukraine
    D) Macedonia
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  14. India Government Mint (IGM),Mumbai has developed India’s high purity gold reference standard ________ which represents gold of ‘9999’ fineness
    A) BND-4101
    B) BND-4100
    C) BND-4201
    D) BND-4200
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  15. What does MTSS stand for with respect to foreign remittances?
    A) Money Transfer System Scheme
    B) Money Transfer Service Scheme
    C) Money Timing Service Scheme
    D) Money Timing System Scheme
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  16. Henrietta H Fore has recently been appointed as the new executive director of which organisation?
    A) United Nations
    B) International Labour Organization (ILO)
    C) United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
    D) UN Women
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  17. The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd merged with which private sector bank in 2010?
    A) ICICI Bank
    B) Axis Bank
    C) HDFC Bank
    D) Kotak Mahindra Bank
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  18. The Union Government has planned to borrow just an additional Rs ____ crore from the market in the current fiscal year ending March 2018 amid fiscal deficit fears
    A) Rs 75,000 cr
    B) Rs 60,000 cr
    C) Rs 45,000 cr
    D) Rs 50,000 cr
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  19. The Bowelay Award is given in which of the following fields?
    A) Sports
    B) Literature
    C) Agriculture
    D) Music
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  20. Name the first Indian state to launch high-risk pregnancy portal
    A) Rajasthan
    B) Haryana
    C) Maharashtra
    D) Tamil Nadu
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