Mixed Quantitative Aptitude Questions Set 51

  1. Two vessels contain mixtures of milk and water in the ratio of 4:9 in the first vessel and in the ratio of 2:7 in the second. In what ratio should the contents of these two vessels be mixed such that the resultants mixture has milk and water in the ratio of 2:5?
    A) 26:9
    B) 14:10
    C) 25:18
    D) 22:8
    E) None
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  2. A alone would take 8 hrs more to complete a job than than both A and B would together. If B worked alone, he took 2 hrs more than A and B would together. How many days A and B together can do it.
    A) 6
    B) 10
    C) 4
    D) 15
    E) None
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  3. In how many different ways the letters of the world CALCULATOR be arranged in such a way that all vowels always come together?
    A) 45320
    B) 49635
    C) 52300
    D) 60480
    E) None
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  4. Incomes of two companies A and B are in the ratio of 2:3. Had the income of company A been more by Rs 20 lakh, the ratio of their incomes would have been 10 : 9. What is the income of company B?
    A) Rs 80 lakh
    B) Rs 45 lakh
    C) Rs 52 lakh
    D) Rs 46 lakh
    E) None
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  5. How many different 4 – digit numbers can be formed by using the digits of the number 86593247 ?
    A) 1680
    B) 1920
    C) 1540
    D) 1620
    E) None
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  6. Sam purchased an item for Rs 7200 and sold it at a loss of 5% , from that money he purchased another item and sold it at a gain of 5% what is his over all gain/loss?
    A) Rs 18 loss
    B) Rs36 loss
    C) Rs18 gain
    D) Rs36 gain
    E) None
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  7. In a mixture 55 litres, the ratio of milk and water 5 : 6. If the this ratio is to be 6 : 5, then the quantity of milk to be further added is:
    A) 12l
    B) 15l
    C) 11l
    D) 18l
    E) None
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  8. A shopkeeper bought 75kg rice at the rate of Rs 16/kg. He sold 35kg of it at 20% profit and the remaining 40kg at 15%profit. What is his total profit %ge in this transaction ?
    A) 15 1/3
    B) 16 1/4
    C) 17 2/3
    D) 18 2/3
    E) None
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  9. The average weight of a group of 20 boys was calculated to be 89.4 kg and it was later discovered that one weight was misread as 78 kg instead of the correct one of 87 kg. The correct average weight is:
    A) 88.95kg
    B) 89.25kg
    D) 89.85kg
    E) None
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  10. In a class of 120, where girls are twice that of boys, Lokesh ranked thirty fifth from the top, if there are 10 girls ahead of Lokesh , how many boys are after him in rank?
    A) 20
    B) 16
    C) 15
    D) 25
    E) None
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