Mixed Quantitative Aptitude Questions Set 30

Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS RRB PO/Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, NIACL, NICL, RBI Grade B, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams

  1. A person completes his journey of 2430 km by three mediums . Ratio of the speeds of train, car and bike  are 5:3:2 and times of journey are in the ratio 4:3:2.If his final average  speed is 30km/hr then what is the difference between the distance covered by train and car ?
    A) 680km
    B) 720km
    C) 810km
    D) 850km
    E) None of these
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  2. P and Q can complete  a piece of work in 15 days and 12 days respectively. Q starts the work with  R . After 2 days ,P joined R on the place of Q and the work got completed by them after 5 days from starting . How many days are required for R to complete the whole work alone?
    A) 8(7/19)
    B) 17(7/19)
    C) 19(7/17)
    D) 7(17/19)
    E) 17(8/17)
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  3. In a mixture ,ratio of water and milk is 4:5. In the other mixture ratio of milk and water is 3:2. If both mixtures are added in the ratio of 63:55,then  what is the ratio of water to milk in final mixture ?
    A) 21:30
    B) 12: 18
    C) 25:34
    D) 28:36
    E) 23:32
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  4. A train is moving with a uniform speed . It crosses a 400 m long platform in 40 sec and a 800 m long bridge in 60sec. Other train is moving with a uniform speed of 72km/hr and crosses a person standing on platform in 15 sec. What is the ratio of the length of first train to second train ?
    A) 4:3
    B) 5:6
    C) 3:2
    D) 9:5
    E) 5:4
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  5. In a city ,number of males and females are in a certain ratio, 45% of male population and 35 % of female population are minors who can’t vote .Number of male voters are equal to number of female voters .Number of voters is how  much percent of the population of the city ?
    A) 60%
    B) 58.49%
    C) 59.58%
    D) 55.8%
    E) 64.5%
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  6. The speed of Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express are in the ratio 9:11 . They are going in opposite direction along parallel tracks. If each takes 7 seconds to cross a  telegraph post ,then how much time taken by the both trains to cross each other completely ?
    A) 11 seconds
    B) 14 seconds
    C) 9 seconds
    D) 7 seconds
    E) 10 seconds
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  7. Rohan has Rs. 48,000 in his locker three years ago.In the first year,he deposited 10% of the amount  in his locker . In the second year , he deposited 35% of the amount in the locker at the end  of first year and finally he deposited 40% of the total amount in the locker . Find the amount at present in his locker?
    A) 100,145
    B) 99,457
    C) 98,623
    D) 99,457
    E) 99,792
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  8. A dice is thrown  twice . What is the probability of getting a sum 9 from both the throws ?
    A) 1/9
    B) 2/9
    C) 1/3
    D) 3/5
    E) None of these
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  9. Smallest  side of a right angled triangle  is 8 cm less than the side of  a square of perimeter  56 cm . Second largest of  side of the right angled triangle is 4 cm less than the length of rectangle of area 96 sq. cm and breadth  8cm . What is the largest side of the right  angled triangle ?
    A) 14 cm
    B) 10 cm
    C) 12 cm
    D) 20 cm
    E) 18 cm
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  10. If there are 17 non-collinear points .In how many ways can be a line formed ?
    A) 125
    B) 130
    C) 136
    D) 128
    E) None of these
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